Brigand is an all-original amplifier that’s geared toward the professional musician who needs to create his or her own unique voice. Brigand is designed to provide you with mind-blowing tonal versatility, clarity, and detail out of a single piece of gear. Say hello to a fresh, true 2 channel amplifier that’s designed to stand out from the crowd instead of getting lost in it.

Built from some of the finest components available and boasting an incredibly flexible control set, Brigand is a true flagship amp that is capable of tones ranging from pristine cleans to aggressive high gain distortion while covering all bases in between as well. And with it’s channel & mode switching capabilities, calling up a variety of different tones on the fly is not only practical, but simple as well.


  • 2 completely independent channels with 2 modes per channel
  • Channel 1 features clean and crunch modes utilizing 5751, 12AU7, and EF86 tubes
  • Channel 2 features high gain rhythm and lead modes utilizing 5751 tubes
  • Individual level controls for balancing the signals from each channel
  • Channel and mode switching controllable from included footswitch
  • Tube buffered effects loop can be configured parallel or series, and can be completely removed from the circuit with a single switch
  • Crunch mode level boost/cut control on channel 1 and Lead mode level boost/cut control on channel 2
  • Mid frequency sweep control on channel 2 for finite shaping of the high gain distortion character
  • 80 watt, dual KT88 power section with switchable negative feedback and presence & resonance controls
  • Rear panel power tube bias check and adjustment points
  • Accepts 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cabinets
  • Custom wound O’Netics transformers and filter choke
  • Low noise floor
  • 1/2″ baltic birch ply cabinet with corner protectors and top edge mounted handles for optimum durability and ease of transport

Brigand sports an impressive combination of high-grade NOS and new production vacuum tubes.

  • 3x 5751
  • 1x 12AU7
  • 1x EF86
  • 1x 12AT7
  • 1x ECC803
  • 2x KT88



Brigand basic overview:

Clean Strat (fingerpicked)

High Gain Metal