The Suckerpunch15 mkII is a 15-watt, class A KT88 powered head that generates rich, warm, and detailed tones. With its flexible control over gain, you’re able to coax anything from beautiful clean tones to aggressive, searing overdrive (as well as everything in-between) out of its single channel. And with its KT88 power section, you can dial in the perfect volume for any of those tones.

Simple controls and a voicing that has been carefully tailored to encompass the amp’s “sweet spot” make this amplifier a true plug & play tone machine. But tweak-aholics need not be discouraged, the tone shaping capabilities of the Suckerpunch15 are vast! Dual preamp gain controls give you total control over the amp’s drive and sustain. The unique bass control serves as a level knob for your tone’s “fatness.” And the middle and treble controls are designed to be incredibly useable, regardless of the tonal context. The result is a simple and intuitive, yet highly useful set of controls for shaping your tone.

New features in the mkII version include a fully tube buffered effects loop with send and return level controls, a gain level switch, and a voicing switch that allows you to toggle between the standard Suckerpunch15 voicing and one with a boosted midrange bite.

The 15-watt power section allows you to dial in great tones at bedroom volumes. But don’t let the low wattage fool you, this amp is very giggable when you turn up the master volume. Whether you’re at home, on stage, or in the studio, the Suckerpunch15 delivers powerful, harmonically rich tone!



  • 15 watts class A, single channel, all-tube 1×12 combo amplifier. A pure, no BS signal path provides inspiring tone and responsiveness
  • Drive and sustain controls allow for broad range tonal versatility and distortion shaping
  • A completely tube buffered effects loop with send and return level controls can be turned on for use with your favorite ambience effects, or turned off and removed from the circuit completely when not in use
  • Gain control switch allows you to toggle between lower gain and higher gain preamp configurations depending on your specific needs
  • Voicing switch allows you to toggle between the standard Suckerpunch15 voicing and a voicing with a boosted midrange for more bite
  • Entirely hand crafted. A painstaking build process with the utmost attention to detail affords superior quality control
  • All-original circuit design (this is not a clone of any other amplifier). Create your own unique tone
  • Tube complement: 1 x JAN-Philips 5751 (NOS), 1 x TAD 12AX7-C, 1 x JAN-Philips 12AT7 (NOS), 1 x SED “Winged C” KT88. Tested, high quality tubes for optimal tone, superior durability, and lowest noise & microphonics
  • High quality Edcor transformers and O’Netics filter choke work to provide solid power delivery and world class tone
  • Auricap high fidelity signal capacitors ensure that all the subtle nuances of your guitar tone make it to the speaker, allowing for a more “3 dimensional” tone
  • 1/2″ Baltic birch cabinet with dovetail jointing, hand built by Mather Cabs. The ultimate in both looks as well as durability


Suckerpunch15 mkII demonstration from Summer NAMM.

In the video below, Shain Honkonen demonstrates a wide range of tones available from the Suckerpunch15.

Check out these recordings of the Suckerpunch15, recorded with a single SM57 on-axis with no EQ or effects added in post:

Suckerpunch15 Cleans — Recording 1

Suckerpunch15 Cleans — Recording 2