Here’s what some members of the CEC family have to say:

“From the very first note I played on a CEC amp, I was hooked–and I immediately started talking to Craig about doing a signature amp for me. CEC amps are built like tanks, yet offer a tone that is unique and simply mind-blowing! I can’t wait for my model to come out and I can finally say with confidence that my tone search is over.”
-Johnny Hiland, The Johnny Hiland Band
Tennessee, USA


“The Toll-Free Express truly has more low end available than most amps with five times it’s wattage. Every guitar player should have this gem in their arsenal for both recording and practicing at home. Don’t let the size fool you, crank it up and you will find yourself surrounded by rich harmonics and screaming lead tones.”
-Greg S.
Illinois, USA


“Truth be told, I don’t think you can get a bad sound out of the Suckerpunch15.  And to to sweeten the deal, the customer service you receive from Craig is top notch. He is with you every step of the way during your build, and he makes sure you are always informed. That’s what made getting my Suckerpunch the most enjoyable.”
-Theran M., US Army
Colorado, USA


“Craig brought my vintage Kustom 200 head back from the dead. It used to just sit collecting dust in my studio but now it sounds so good that I play it live. And when my SVT Classic died on stage during a gig one night, I didn’t hesitate to send it to Craig. Not only did he repair it and make it “gig worthy” again, he discovered and repaired several other issues that could have turned into problems down the road. I gig with confidence because I rely on Craig at CEC!”
-Frank R., lead singer and bassist for the East Memphis Trio
Tennessee, USA


“The Toll-Free Express is unbelievable. I don’t know how Craig did it but it’s the biggest sounding 10w amp I’ve ever heard in my life. I normally stick to 50w+ because of the bass response and I’m more than happy with the bass response of the TFX.”
-Matt M.
Texas, USA


“I am knocked out with the Toll-Free Express….the presence and versatility.”
-Michael N., house guitarist at The Grand Ole Opry
Tennessee, USA


“I have to say, I am floored by the sound of the Toll-Free Express. It’s exactly what I wanted! You were right when you said it sounds far bigger than it is; it sounds extraordinarily similar to my JTM45 clone when the clone has been cranked, but with far more clarity and a bit more bite, and at much lower volumes. It also responds really well to the volume knob on my guitar, I went from roaring gain to almost chime-y cleans just by switching pickups and lowering the volume.”
-Jimmy M., “ClashJTM”
California, USA